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 Green Team (GT)

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Green Team

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PostSubject: Green Team (GT)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:17 am

Why should you Join Green Team (GT)

We have a great community(Know and more to come).


Stat's requirements

Be able to Hybrid/ Tank

Organization Requirements

* Atleast 300m-500m (At lest)+ Net Worth
* Must be able to Hybrid/Tank 1 vs 1



In game name/Real name:

How long are you hybriding/Tanking:

Do you count your self as a good Hybrid/Tank:

Are you a honor, or a no-Honor Hybrid/Tank:

Your total Bank Net Worth:(::networth)

How long do you play Project UFO a day:

Difine the term, DD(NOT NEEDED):

Difine the term, Fall in(NOT NEEDED):

Tell us a bit about your self as a person:

Members list


* Green Team

Co leader



All other's got kicked or booted for inactive/Bad hybriding/Tanking (Probably wont get kicked or booted tho).

We hope that every one has a nice stay and fell welcomed to the clan and server.
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Green Team (GT)
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