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 xtreme cash - moderator application

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xtreme cash

xtreme cash

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PostSubject: xtreme cash - moderator application   Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:13 am

Hi guys, and Matt.

Below are the reasons why i believe i should become a moderator.

-I play everyday for over 3 over hours a day.
-I help many people everyday, i also help people start off and also give them tips.
-I have been moderator, administartor and ever co owner on many server.
-I have also owned my own very successful server.
-I have brought many players into the server.
Servers that i have been moderator and administartor
Dragon Dagger
and many more.


Xtreme cash
p.s Matt your a great coder and i wish you a very successful server
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xtreme cash - moderator application
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