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 Moderator Application - Xtreme cash

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xtreme cash

xtreme cash

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PostSubject: Moderator Application - Xtreme cash   Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:31 pm

hi guys, first of all my ingame name is: Xtreme Cash, and my real life name is Danii,

the reason i feel i deserve to become a moderator is because:
1. I play for a very long time everyday, 3-6 hours a day,
2. When staff isn't avaliable i help to the extent i can
3. Im Reccomended by not only Players but by staff also

Im 13 and i live in the U.K in london, im very experienced at being a staff member as i have been staff on many server's and i've owned my very own successful private server, it had to be shut down due to me moving house.
Some Servers ive been staff on:
Rune-PvP 525
Rune-Dani 508
Rune-Days 525
Dragon Dagger 317
WestScape 508
Evolotion 525
Cammy Pvp 317 and more
And Many More

People Who Reccomend me:

Pur3 G0d
I X Pure X I
Public Pure
1 Hit K0

and many more

Xtreme cash Smile

P.S sorry if i missed your name out in the people who reccomend me!
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Moderator Application - Xtreme cash
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