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 TEAM PR0 - Xtreme Cash/Stevierawrrr's PKing Clan

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xtreme cash

xtreme cash

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PostSubject: TEAM PR0 - Xtreme Cash/Stevierawrrr's PKing Clan   Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:36 pm

we are a new clan and we would like many people to pk with us as a team!
Armour Eqiupment Used in Clan!:
Full Verac,Str ammy,D boots,B ring,F cape,B gloves<D Claws/Dragon dagger> For Speccing + VENG + PIETY
Torso,Neit,Str ammy,D boots,Verac Skirt,F cape,Whip,B gloves,<D Claws/Dragon dagger> For Speccing + VENG+PIETY

Thats About it


OWNERS/RUNNERS <must listen to at all times>
-Xtreme Cash

Admins <must listen to if owners/runners arnt online>

Moderators < must listen to and they can kick out members of clan if misbihaving with proof>

Please join!!!

Xtreme Cash Smile
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TEAM PR0 - Xtreme Cash/Stevierawrrr's PKing Clan
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