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 Green Team For Mod/Admin

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Green Team

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Join date : 2010-03-31

PostSubject: Green Team For Mod/Admin   Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:48 am

Play 50 hours+: Yes
Have 50+ posts on fourms : No But i will Smile
Play Server 3he+ a day
Dont beg Matt for staff or look at Fourms ill check every week Very Happy

ingame name: Green Team

combat: 138

What are you going for mod or admin?
Either or

why should you be mod/admin?
I think i should be a mod/admin because I try helping to my best capability. I also try helping New people and even mods or admins. I also believe i can help with nulled accounts / npc resets. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Green Team (Patrick)
tell us abit (about) about your self?
Well I been playing Runescape Privet servers for 2 years know and i know lots of things. Im also 13. I try to get latest 2-3 hours (not including weekends) of computer time a day.
what can you do for server to improve it?
I can improve this server by Unulling accounts / Npc Rests Also maybe finding new Sources. And Eny help you need with codeing , Ect.
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Nazi Banana

Nazi Banana

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PostSubject: Re: Green Team For Mod/Admin   Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:52 am

Not a bad app..
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Green Team For Mod/Admin
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